healing is a universal need.

Ernest Hemingway wrote, "Courage is grace under pressure." I believe there is no greater courage than our willingness to get vulnerable, to be seen, and to take ownership of our lives with compassion. It takes extraordinary courage to grow strong in forgiveness, patience, and presence. It's a life's journey. I call this particular breed of bravery "quiet courage" and I've learned a lot about it in my recovery from severe anxiety. Now, I do my best to teach it.


Hello, I'm Casee Marie. I've lived an uncommon life: a severe anxiety sufferer from childhood, I grew more inhibited by my fears and insecurities as I grew older, until debilitating avoidance of my anxiety left me relatively housebound in my teens and for nearly ten years afterward.  I dove headfirst into a creative life that relied heavily on solitude and cared little for function.

At the vulnerable age of twenty-six I finally embarked on a journey to heal the hurt I had been doing my best to ignore and keep secret. This inward pilgrimage became the hardest and most fulfilling work of my life, and from it was born a strength in vulnerability. Utilizing many different therapeutic approaches and support systems - most especially by nurturing a compassionate, hopeful heart - I've been able to take the necessary steps to live my best life as my happiest, most peaceful self. I still have a long way to go, but I've come farther than I could have ever imagined, and I've found myself called to share the wisdom I've gathered on my journey with the great hope that it might serve someone else who, like me, has felt adrift and isolated by the challenges of mental illness.

Two years into my recovery from anxiety I became (foster-)mom to eight year-old Blaze, a hound/bully mix who was found locked in a basement, abandoned by her owners in their foreclosed house.  With years of her history unaccounted for, Blaze went from the isolation of abandonment to the overwhelm of life at the city pound, where she spent a year absolutely in love with her rescuers but understandably stressed by the change in environment.

As our paths combined, Blaze and I have found ourselves partners on a journey to gain the courage to trust in the world and the goodness of life.