making a commitment to yourself

When I recently took part in Dana Hilmer's THRIVE program I was instructed, along with the others in attendance, to peruse a list of strengths and circle the ones I felt to be the most relevant to me, the qualities of which I felt myself most capable.  As I scanned the list, one strength caught my eye: loyalty.  Not long ago someone had used that word to describe me and I had reflected on the kindness of that compliment; I had never given my loyalty much thought, and so had never considered to give it any praise.  After being reminded of the strength of it, I took it on proudly and I spent some time with the word.

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a new year's wish

In this new year I wish you peace, and solace, and comfort, and compassion - for yourself as well as others.  If you set resolutions, I wish you loving-kindness.  This is the time of great hopes and dreams; and several weeks from now is very often the time of disappointment and fading willpower.  This is a time of magic; soon the time of reality will be upon us.  My wish for you is guidance through it all, and forgiveness, and self-respect.

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navigating back to your truth

Inevitably, there are times when your focus shifts to a different source of guidance: an external search for validation that drains you with its desperation and silences the inner wisdom that's taken you so far.

So you recognize.  You become aware.  And you mourn your time spent wandering lost, away from your path.  You think it was a waste.  Nothing is.  You learned something from this journey, even if it seemed the path went sideways - even backward - instead of the helpful forward motion that tells you you're enough.  You're still enough.  Everything that has happened has happened to equip you with whatever you need to continue to grow.

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